Are you getting the most out of your Google Analytics?


If you’re not regularly monitoring your google analytics, you should be. The amount of information that Google provides is fascinating and every bit is as useful as the last. Google Analytics is an essential tool for monitoring your presence online and can significantly help in your decision making process. Using the knowledge you learned you can adjust your marketing for best results.  Here are some highlights of what you can learn from Google Analytics.

Where is your traffic coming from? Your website has regular visitors and that’s awesome, but where are they coming from? Knowing how someone got to your site is as important as them getting there. Once you are able to see what is attracting the most traffic you can promote that better and achieve even more traffic. On the flip side you can see what is not drawing traffic. If something isn’t working, you can stop putting effort behind it.

Visitor location. Seeing what country or state most of your visitors are located in will allow you to tailor your advertising and marketing campaigns to the target market.

What people are searching for within your site. Knowing what people are searching for within your site will give you an idea of what to promote. You can create specific links to the most popular content and adjust what is on the front of your website. . Making it much easier to find what people are looking for will streamline the process.

Best content. Google Analytics will tell you which pieces of content are performing the best. You can see what has gotten the most clicks and interactions. This information will give you an idea of what to do in the future. You can use that content as a basis for your next campaign.

Worst pages. You can see which pieces of your campaign are performing the worst. This will allow you to either retool the aspect or to abandon it altogether. It will save you money and time instead of wasting it on something that isn’t working.

Do you need mobile? Google Analytics can show you how many visitors are viewing through a mobile device. It can show you which devices are most popular. If you have enough mobile viewers it may be beneficial to construct a mobile site.

The information that Google Analytics can provide to you is invaluable. The amount of time and money that these stats can save you is incredible. It will allow you to tailor your marketing campaign into a massive success.