Are You an Expert? Maybe You Should Host a Webinar.

In the Abstrakt family we all have our expertise, some of us are great designers, some insightful writers, Facebook leaders or Twitter masterminds. Me, well I’ve inadvertently been dubbed the LinkedIn guru of our team. We got to thinking about our designated roles within our family here at Abstrakt and decided, hey, we should share our greatly acclaimed knowledge with others; this may be a good idea for your company too.

If you’re an “expert” on anything chances are other people are interested in knowing what you know.  One of the best ways to share your expertise on a topic is through Webinars. Webinars allow you or your company to share knowledge with multiple clients or colleagues at once and they are often used as an additional outlet to build relationships and expand business.

Top Benefits to Hosting a Webinar

They’re Cost Effective. A key advantage to hosting a Webinar is that they eliminate travel costs for meetings. Because a Webinar can reach a great deal of individuals at one time, in multiple locations, they have become a preferred option for many businesses.

Interaction. Webinars don’t limit interaction in any way. Live question and answer sessions are possible within a Webinar, as well as data sharing. Like any other presentation, Webinars can include video, audio, spreadsheets, and live discussions. Attendees are encouraged to ask questions and remain active throughout the Webinar.

Think of Webinars as yet another outlet for you to build your business. They’re simple, efficient and effective – why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of this awesome resource?