Are Motion Graphic Videos Even Important?


There are numerous different ways that a marketer can use their tools to really attract attention and keep it on their company or product. The problem is that not all of these are effective. On top of all this, some ways can be more or less effective depending upon who you are trying to attract. With this being said, that leads to a lot of research that must be conducted in order to really run an effective and meaningful ad. The tools must be relatable to the audience.  One of the most effective ways that you can reach a potential customer is through motion graphic videos.

Motion graphic videos are short productions that are full of designs and possibly charts and numbers that should convince people of the good your product or company can do. Many people are not sure how to even begin production of one of these videos, but here at Abstrakt, we can set you in the right direction. Our motion graphic video package can really help to jumpstart your business and gain a lot of attention. We start by producing a 45 to 60 second video. When producing one of these videos, keeping it short and sweet is really a key. If it is too long, people may start to lose focus and stop paying attention. We will include a storyboard layout of the video for you to look over. The video script, music selection and graphic design will be top notch and relatable.  After production of the video, we will assist in setting up a YouTube channel, social media distribution and tagging the video with the right keywords. This step is very important. A good video can be a waste if people are not viewing it. Traffic is a key to having an impact.

If you need help creating and holding attention of potential customers a motion graphic video may be just what you need. Come check out what we offer and the previous work we have done.