Analytics for Those Still Investing Time in Google+

Measuring-Google-Plus-AnalyticsWe’ve went back and forth on the positive and negatives that accompany Google+ since its launch. However, since it is a Google product, we know that Google attributes a certain amount of influence to posts and activity on the platform. That being said, here are some analytics tips for those of you who are still attempting to master all that is Google+.

Views. To check the number of views a post with a photo has, simply click the photo and look at the bottom corner of the photo. This will show you a count of views the post has had.

The Kitchen Sink (CTR’s, impressions, clicks and search positions).  For just about everything else you could want to see regarding your Google+ analytics, you can utilize Google’s Webmaster Tools. Find the “Author stats” Webmaster Tools link here. This page will show you statistics for all pages in which you are the verified author, which of course includes your Google+ page.

Just like the other social sites out there, Google+ is making a conscious effort to keep you updated on your sites analytics. Utilizing this information will help you decide if your activity is valuable to you and your company or not. If you’re still on the fence when it comes to Google+, my best advice is to invest some time into a trial period. Learn the in’s and out’s before making a final decision.