Advertising on LinkedIn

As we’ve discussed before, LinkedIn is a powerful tool in your social media toolkit. It is unique among social networks in that it specifically targets professionals. This allows you to become connected with both professionals and businesses in your industry. We’ve already discussed how Facebook and Twitter offer ways to advertise on their respective social networks. Today, we’re discussing how you can grow your business by advertising on LinkedIn.

Because business messages are well received in the professionally focused environment of LinkedIn, the perfect storm for advertising is ready to explode. Much like Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn allows you to target who your ads are shown to; however, what it makes LinkedIn different is how you can target someone. For example, Facebook lets you target based on someone’s interests – things like gardening, sports, or religion. LinkedIn is different because it allows you to target your ads based on professional categories. The seven criteria you can target your ad with are: Company Size, Job Function, Industry, Seniority, Gender, Age, or Geography. LinkedIn allows you to pick two of these to target your ad with.

Here are some suggestions to have an effective LinkedIn Advertising Campaign:

  • Create Ads With Powerful Copy and Relevant Images. LinkedIn ads are limited to 75 characters for the description and 25 characters for the headline. Make every character count. Be sure to show why the information is useful, why the offer is unique, and include a call to action. Also, don’t forget to include an image that conveys your meaning.
  • Target Your Ads. As we just discussed, LinkedIn offers unique ways to target users. Determine who your audience is and customize ads to fit their interests. By targeting your ads, you have a greater chance of consumers being interested and engaging with your ad.
  • Test Different Variations of Your Campaign. LinkedIn ad accounts are organized by campaigns. Each campaign has its own daily budget, targeting options and ads. With the option to create up to fifteen ads for a single campaign, LinkedIn recommends that you use different images, call-to-action phrases, and headlines in multiple ads. LinkedIn will show you which ads are the most successful (the ones that are resulting in the most clicks on the link). Drop the ads that are preforming the worst.

With ads starting at just $25, there is no reason for a business not to advertise on LinkedIn. Do you want to start developing a social media presence but don’t know where to start? We’re here to help. With a full-service marketing and advertising agency, we can help you grow your business. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you!