A Bit of Personal, a Bit of Business: Photos on Your Company Facebook Page

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, it could be worth more like $1,000 for a business’s Facebook page. While it might sound easy to just put some pictures on your page, there is actually a right way and a wrong way to do so. Nobody wants to see pictures from the office cafeteria every single day at lunch, but they might want to see some Lion-shaped cupcakes brought into the office. In short, there is a delicate balance between what your page’s fans want to see and what they have absolutely no interest in at all.

So how do you figure out what pictures are useful and what pictures are best left to those inter-office emails? Simple. The Social Media Examiner recently did a story on tips to enhance your Facebook page with photos and we’ve compiled a few of our favorites to help you out.

  • Professional and fun are not mutually exclusive. We think it’s possible to show a personal and fun side to a business. Users want to know that they are doing business with animate people, not robots; not all of your pictures have to be of workers in suits pouring over stacks of paper. We know you have fun in the office sometimes, and it’s ok to show it. But if you have a question as to the appropriateness of a particular photo, it’s best to leave it out.
  • Post share-worthy pictures. What’s better than sharing a cool picture with your page’s fans? Having your page’s fans share that picture again with their own friends. People have a tendency to share things they like with others, so maybe the next time you post a picture of that cute puppy from “Bring Your Dog to Work Day”, the rest of the internet could see it too.
  • Update often. There’s nothing worse than Facebook stalking a page where the last new photos uploaded are a decade old (which would be particularly difficult given that Facebook isn’t even a decade old). Update your pictures often to keep people coming back for more. On the flip side, there’s also such a thing as too many pictures. No, it’s not good to upload an album of 100 pictures twice a week. Yes, that is too much.

To check out the rest of The Social Media Examiner’s tips, check out their website. The next time you know something fun is happening at work, go ahead, bring your camera and put your favorite shots on Facebook.