2014 Website Must Haves: Are You Sticking with the Trends?

Of course in 2014, consumers are still smothered with content, content, and more content! Simplifying your website isn’t that tough, but it might be the thing that sets you apart this year.

Check out these five helpful tips to keeping your website current in 2014:

  1. “Content Marketing”- Essentially, the more you post to your website or social media, the more likely you’ll show up in a search.  Posting regularly on your site is key, but make sure your content is to the point and relevant. Other than blogs, most of your content should be less than 250 characters.
  2. Are You Mobile Compatible? – With over 90% of Americans owning some kind of device, having a mobile-friendly website is a must.  You should think about what sites you access on your mobile devices.  Follow a similar layout, using images and video to gain interest.
  3. Diversify Your Social Media– Does your business need to be on Pinterest?  Joining every social media site might not make sense for your business.  BUT, sometimes being a part of multiple sites makes sense.  One goal is to make sure content shared is diverse among the different sites you use.
  4. Videos– With smart phones, capturing video is easy to do, and then easy to share.  Instead of writing out long content, replace text with videos for mobile users to see quickly.  These videos can then be shared on blogs or social media for your business.
  5. Simplify! – Less is more.  Keep your site layout simple and uncluttered.  Text should be short and sweet.  Consider two or three colors maximum for your site.

Keep it real this year.  Know that the content you share can result in higher SEO rankings, but make sure it’s relevant to your brand.