Last is Definitely Not Least- How to Master the Close


Closing – it’s the most important step within the sales process and it’s also the hardest one to complete. Not all prospects see the need for your product or service. The key is to illustrate their future success with your company in it. When it comes to the art of finishing a deal, there are many paths to success. Here’s a look at several successful methods:

Show Me the Money. Every business leader wants to improve their bottom-line. The more revenue they can generate for their business, the better they look. If your closing story gives financial examples of the possible success they could have, it will greatly increase your chance of closing. As the age-old saying goes “money talks.”

Passion for the Process. Again this method of closing focuses on improving the bottom-line. If your product or service can cut down on the time it takes for a company to conduct their business, it will positively impact their bottom-line. If you can show them a future with less stress and quicker production, they may show genuine interest in what you offer.

Emotionally Attached. Playing into a prospect’s emotions can lead to a sale. It’s been proven time and time again that consumers are more likely to purchase when they can emotionally relate to a product. Offering a free trial is one way to tie customers to your product or service. Often, during the trial period, consumers find that they like the product or service too much to give it up.

Use Visuals. By utilizing impactful visuals, your chances of completing the close improve drastically. One way to integrate visuals into your pitch would be to physically write out the pros and cons. You can talk through all the benefits that your product offers. They will be able to see how the long list of benefits outweighs the shorter list of cons; this can be much more effective than the audio alone.

Listen to the Prospect. One of the best ways to close a deal would be to ensure confidence in your product or service. Every prospect will have their concerns. When you uncover the concerns holding your prospects back, you can address those concerns and put them at ease.  Once you’ve reduced the amount of worries a prospect may have in your product or service, you are that much closer to closing the deal.

These tips, whether used simultaneously or separately, will give you a leg up on your competition and allow you to reach selling heights you have only dreamed of.