Business Development Landing Page

How will we use it?

  • Email Marketing: We will include links to your landing page in all of the emails we send on your behalf, delivering a consistent, catered message.
  • Engagement: We will be able to track which prospects are looking at your landing page and which services they are showing interest in. Your sales rep will be notified any time a new prospect looks at your landing page.
  • Action: Through your landing page, prospects will be able to request an appointment online, increasing the return on our email
    marketing efforts.
Landing Page Example
Landing Page Icon

Landing Page Creation Process

During the implementation month, we will explain how your landing page will be used in combination with emails and phone calls to fill your sales funnel.

Using the information you provide, our copywriter will compose the contents of your landing page. With this content, our graphic designer will create a page that matches the font and colors of your website and logo.

You will then have one round of edits to perfect your page. With your final approval, we will link your landing page in the email communications your partner sales representative is sending on your behalf.