You Just Got Gated! Content Gating Has Visitors Frustrated

Have you ever tried to download an e-book or file from a website only to be content-blocked by a registration form? Yes? Well then, you’ve officially been gated. Content gating has become regular practice for online lead generation, and even though the concept makes sense for companies, it’s a real pain in the you-know-what for website visitors.

I’ve passed on downloading items countless times from online resources because they require you to fill out a registration form. I will admit that the simpler the form, the more likely I am going to be to fill it out and download the document. So what’s the big deal with too much content gating, aside from the slight annoyance that it causes your users? It’s likely fair to assume that most people have an issue with receiving dozens of emails and handing out their personal information to a company they may know little to nothing about.

It will come as no surprise that ungated content gets more downloads than gated content, but that isn’t even the worst part, in my opinion. One thing that hurts an overly-gated website is that information isn’t being seen virtually by search engines, nor is it being shared to the fullest. In order to drive more downloads and visits a great compromise is to leave more generic information ungated, while only gating the more industry-specific, targeted content. Remember the bigger picture – giving up a small amount of gating will help you gain a much larger overall following.

Stay tuned – more online marketing tips coming soon.