Will Outsourcing Lead Generation Really Save You Money?

As businesses constantly look for ways to positively impact their bottom-line they are presented with countless goods and services that promise unrivaled results. As a company that provides outsourced lead generation, we’re regularly faced with our fair share of sceptics. There’s many questions our prospective clients ask us, but the most important is “will this solution save my business money?” The answer is yes, let us tell you why.

  1. Large companies can afford to maintain inside sales departments, but what most businesses find is that by doing so they’re losing more money than they’re making. A company can pay an employee to prospect on their behalf but in doing so they are losing money by not having their reps closing business. Not to mention the costs that are incurred from said employees supplies. Everything comes with a price tag and appointment setters carry one too hefty for many businesses.
  2. Prospecting activities shouldn’t be put on hold because of illness or vacation. When you choose to outsource, you no longer face these worries. Your account activity remains constant as guaranteed by your service provider.
  3. Training and managing an inside sales team is time-consuming and constant. When using an outsourced solution your callers are held to high standards, for not only calls but data collection for our clients. Monthly and yearly appointment account goals are set and your team of callers will deliver.
  4. When you outsource to a company with a proven process, such as Pipeline, you’re getting more than simple cold calls, you’re getting data collected by your sales reps, keeping top of mind awareness regarding your products and services and most of all appointments from educated salespeople who are well-versed in your industry. By choosing a company who understands how to effectively build your pipeline you are far less likely to encounter prospecting mistakes.
  5. Probably the piece of the puzzle our clients like the most, or second most behind their cost savings, is the peace of mind that comes with our solution. There’s a lot to be said for no hassles or headaches which often accompany managing and maintaining an inside sales team.

Of course, we could list dozens of reasons why outsourcing your prospecting makes the most business sense, but don’t take it from us. Listen to what other companies are saying about our outsourced sales solution, Pipeline.