Why Your Lead Generation is Less Than Impressive

There are several things that people will tell you that you must have in order to have a great lead generation campaign: a unique strategy, a solid nurture campaign and a system for collecting and following up with leads. Yes, those are the general sections that make up a lead generation strategy – but those alone aren’t enough.

An example of how following this plain-Jane strategy could go horribly wrong: your nurture campaign consists of a generic automated email that is distributed quarterly to all of your prospective clients – that’s it. Failure to follow up with this email or connect to your prospects through other means could easily result in unsatisfied prospects and loss of business. The email alone is not enough, a lone phone call is not enough and a quarterly newsletter is not enough. If this is your strategy we can assure you that your prospects are less than impressed. However, if these elements are carefully combined and executed, your lead generation strategy may just stand a chance.

If you’re now thinking about your own company’s lead generation strategy and thinking, “Uh oh,” calm down because this is no time to panic. The best part about it being a new year is that change comes with the territory. We’d like nothing more than to help your business get its lead generation campaign back on track and we know just how to do it. Contact our lead generation professionals and we’ll help your business start the new year right.