Why Your Business Needs to Wake Up and Get a Website

We hear it all the time and yet it still manages to throw me for a loop. When you’re talking about your marketing budget there will always be someone who says, “so we don’t have a website, who cares?!” Well for starters, I care. Consumers and business partners care. The general public perusing the internet cares.  You may not see its immediate importance, but trust us when we tell you that 99 percent of the people who work with your business care.

Personally, in this day in age, I don’t trust a company without a website. The harder you make it for me to find information about your business, the quicker I move onto a company that’s more accessible. We’ve moved past point where websites are unattainable. Everyone, everywhere, no matter their budget, can develop and host a website if they so wish. It’s normally just the time commitment that ruffles up our feathers.

Your business partners may not even be against having a website per say, they just don’t understand why they need it – and that’s a problem that’s easily fixed. The short and simple answer of why your business needs a website is visibility and staying competitive. We live in a world where people want information now (or yesterday) and they don’t have the patience to search various channels to find it. Your website is the one place your business is open to the world 24/7, 365 days a year. It’s a place to reach new markets with little to no effort and increase sales and brand awareness.

Depending on your industry, your company’s website doesn’t need to be full of glitz and glam with a thousand moving parts. Simple and sleek will certainly do the job, as long as it’s easy to navigate and has adequate content for your visitors.

There are hundreds of reasons why a website makes sense for your business, and if you can’t see it, you’re not listening. The rest of the world’s already in the digital marketplace, are you?