Why You Need a Phone Script

“What, a phone script? But were unscripted, that is what makes us sound natural and not like a telemarketer.” That is exactly WHY you need a phone script – so you sound natural, professional and NOT like you’re scripted. That doesn’t make sense, or does it? How could using a script make you sound unscripted?

Well, I’ll tell you why. Did you just watch the Super Bowl? Of course you did, everyone in America did. Did the players look scripted? Did they look like a bunch of robots all following a perfect script? No, they didn’t – they looked natural, but they were following a script! YES, one that they practiced a thousand times in their playbook until it became completely natural and they were able to execute the script (plays) just like there wasn’t one.

Are you getting where I’m going with this? They have a script (playbook), but they have practiced it so much you can’t tell that they are running a well-scripted play. This is the exact same process you need to follow in telephone sales, or any sales for that matter. You have to put down on paper what you are going to say, what your value propositions are, how you’re going to respond to customers’ objections and then practice, practice, practice it until it DOESN’T sound scripted. This script then becomes the roadmap that you follow during the conversation with a prospect. If you don’t have a roadmap to where you want to go, you will never get there and you will make a lot of detours along the way. So sit down, put together what you want to say, practice it and then DON’T use it, be natural.