Why Story-telling Should Be Part of Your Sales Strategy

2013-10-21-11.27.05Chances are your company has tapped into every department, determined to develop effective content that will improve its sales message. You’ve done the most of the leg work by gathering the information prospective clients are looking for. But sales don’t simply come from that content – it’s the art of good story-telling that will help you sign more deals.

The content needs to be more than just informative, it needs to be both entertaining and captivating. Your pitch, or story, should show how your product or service will fit into a client’s life. Captivating content shows us how the process works and often hits on convenience. Combined with the entertainment factor, that may make prospective clients laugh or cringe as they envision themselves in the scenario you are describing. Additionally the emotional aspect of your story gives prospective clients something to relate to and shows the human side of your brand.

We’ve all been the subject of that perfect pitch. Their story was relatable, the salesperson made it all about you and you could easily envision how the company’s product or service would make your life easier. You know it works, so the question is – why haven’t you integrated it into your sales process?

For those of you who have successfully integrated story-telling into your sales process, please leave us a message explaining how it’s worked for you.