Why Salesforce is Ingrained into Our Process

When we speak with clients and prospective clients, they aren’t usually surprised to discover that we use Salesforce throughout our Pipeline business growth process; however, they are usually amazed at how deeply ingrained it is to our company as a whole. Salesforce is a wonderful, yet very complex tool. To set up an infrastructure as detailed as ours, years of development and training took place behind the scenes. You are probably wondering, “Why”?

Ingraining Salesforce in our Pipeline sales process allows us to effectively track and manage every aspect of our business, from team member activity and goals to tracking client ROI. Because of the infrastructure we have established, our team members can easily manage their clients’ documents, schedules and reporting.

Why is this element of our Pipeline sales process so important to our clients? Outside of the previously mentioned reasons, it holds us accountable. Every team member within our organization is held accountable for their piece of growing our client’s business. The days of tasks being overlooked and forgotten are long gone. Our clients know that when they enroll in our business growth solution they are getting the best service possible, every day, all day. It’s because of our detailed processes that we can guarantee success and continue to reach success for hundreds of clients nationwide.