Why Plain and Simple Pricing Will Take You a Long Way

What is the number one, surefire way to drive away prospects? Give them an uneasy feeling about the value they are getting. We’ve all had it happen—you’re in a meeting discussing a new service implementation, and you’re completely caught off guard because you’re service doesn’t include everything you thought you were getting. Or maybe it does, just for an extra cost.

Nobody likes to feel like they’re being cheated or tricked into a bait and switch situation, especially when they are forming new business partnerships. The easiest way to avoid this is just to be upfront and honest with your customers from the get-go about what they are getting and what their costs will be. There really is something to say about pricing models that are simple and easy to understand without any gray area.

Now you may say, “I can’t help the fact that we have several service offerings and that the prospect misunderstood the pricing.” Maybe you can’t help the fact that they weren’t paying close attention in your presentation. However, you can most certainly help them understand very clearly what their options are and for what cost, point-blank.

What’s the benefit of presenting to prospects this way? It’s a respectable way to conduct business. Busy professionals don’t have time to go through the runaround; they want clear, no-nonsense business and tend to form lasting relationships with organizations that conduct themselves this way.

There are a lot of complicated aspects to business, but pitching your pricing doesn’t have to be one of them. Tell us how you ensure that your staff communicates their service pricing effectively to secure lasting business.