Why Having Different Leadership Styles is a GOOD Thing

Let’s think about this: would you rather work for a company where all of your managers are the same or in an environment where each manager brings their own unique approach? That decision took all of roughly 10 seconds to come up with – I’ll take the latter of the two, and I’m guessing your employees would too.

Structure is a great thing—common goals and a proven strategy is something we all hope to have in our business environment, but that’s about as far as it goes. Have you ever worked for a company with no room for new ideas? How about a manager who refused to break the norm? If you answered yes to both questions, you understand how restrictive and tense these work environments can be. After working at a couple of companies with various leadership styles, I’d say the happiest I’ve ever seen employees is in situations where their manager adjusts the department’s structure around the team itself. What does this mean exactly? More or less, they structure their team in a way that will encourage them to be most successful. An example would be providing a more relaxed environment for teams who work more in the creative field and a more incentive-based structure for teams whose main goal is to sell. It’s amazing how much more a team will accomplish when they are comfortable in the workplace.

Of course, one style will not work for everyone, and it’s often when leadership doesn’t bend their styles that turnover happens. Just because you work at the same company doesn’t mean you have to run your departments the same way – diversity is a GOOD thing and your teams will certainly appreciate it.