What is Pipeline?

At Abstrakt, our main goal is to grow your business. Pipeline is our Outsourced Sales Solution that helps build, nurture and convert your prospects into closed business. There is no reason you should have to work overtime just to find prospects to grow your business. The best part about our sales solution is it takes the work off of you and is cheaper than hiring a full time employee. There are three main goals that come with the Pipeline sales process:

  • Data Collection
  • Top-of-Mind Awareness
  • Appointments

Data collection is a stage during our process where we work hand in hand with you to determine your target market. Your target market is made up of potential customers (prospects) who will benefit from what you offer and who have the potential of becoming a long term partner with your company. Once your target market is found, we then use our sales process to gather data from the established target market.what is pipeline

When we are calling these prospects, some of them will not be ready to meet immediately with your company. We’ve taken this into consideration when building our Pipeline process. With the use of follow up emails and communication, our sales process helps your company maintain the top-of-mind awareness with these prospects. Although some prospects may not be ready to meet right away, when they are, your company will always be fresh in their minds.

When your prospects are ready to meet, we are able to set up an appointment for your team to showcase your best work. Throughout the entire process, we keep you updated through your Partner Sales Portal. In this Partner Sales Portal, your insides sales representatives will be constantly recording notes and activity with every prospect we encounter. This communication will help you understand the prospect’s needs so you are able to close new business.

Think of your Partner Sales Portal as a helpful tool you can use 24/7 to keep up to date on our work. With this tool, you can view all of the sales activity, manage your leads, confirm sales appointments, review survey summaries, provide Voice of the Customer feedback and access sales training videos and workbooks that our team is using. This tool will keep you in the loop with everything our team is doing for you.

If you are still confused about how we do what we do, take a look at this graphic. This graphic explains exactly what we are doing through every step of the sales process.

Of course we think that what we do is the best, but don’t just take it from us. We are proud to share feedback from our clients who also agree that we are the best in what we do. As you can see, what we do often pays off when a company becomes our partner. Here are just a few examples of some recent successes we have had:


“I have found the Partnership I have been looking for with my Inside Sales Team here at Abstrakt. Together we have explored and committed to a relational working partnership that is growing our businesses. For that I am grateful.”

Ed Ducote, ServiceMaster Clean


“Abstrakt has been a great partner for i.t.NOW.  They have helped us to build our sales pipeline, shorten our sales cycle, and deliver qualified candidates that turn into new business.  We’ve closed contracts that value over $199,000 in our first few months of service, and have a healthy outlook for the future.  They’ve been a great asset to us, and we look forward to a bright future with Abstrakt as a strategic partner.”

Mike Herrington, i.t. NOW