We Welcome Our First Clients of 2015

At Abstrakt our clients span a variety of industries: HVAC, Managed Service Providers, Mortgage, Commercial Real Estate and Material Handing, just to name a few. Since our sales professionals have worked closely with these industries over the years, we have become very familiar with the demands each industry faces and we know exactly how to meet them.

The reason our Pipeline program is so well-received across varying industries is because it isn’t a cookie-cutter program, it is custom to the industry itself as well as to the client. Although the structure is essentially the same, each partnership comes with its own set of goals and expectations. It is our success across various industries that continue to drive new clients to our doors. We are excited to announce our latest partnerships with the following companies:

  • newclients3Fold IT
  • Altigen Communications
  • Capital Bank N.A.
  • CMIT Solutions – Columbia
  • FT Data
  • IQ Technology Solutions
  • McLane Intelligent Solutions
  • Spiegel Accountancy Group
  • Gregory Poole
  • Spiegel Accountancy Group
  • 415IT
  • Bizco Technologies
  • Capital Bank N.A.
  • Cenetric
  • Charter Mechanical
  • CMIT – The Florida Parishes
  • CMITSolutions – Centreville
  • Excalibur Technology Corporation
  • Integrated Media Networks
  • IQ Solutions Group
  • IT Works
  • John Drake and Associates
  • Macro Systems LLC
  • Mainstay Technologies
  • Manhattan Tech Support
  • Maxon Solutions
  • Salient IT
  • SWK Technologies
  • Vantage Production

Welcome to Abstrakt, we’re excited to grow your business! If your company is looking to grow, contact our sales representatives today!