Want Robust Reporting? Try Using Dashboard Reporting Services

Not using dashboard reporting as part of your lead generation efforts is a lot like starting and continuing a fitness plan without weighing yourself: you continue to put in the effort, but do not know how effective these efforts are and what is or isn’t working. Just like you need a scale to keep track of progress, you need dashboard reporting to track and summarize your gathered data.

But what is dashboard reporting? It’s simply the process of reporting the data from your sales efforts via central solution. Here are some highlights of dashboard reporting:

See your data. Dashboard reporting allows you to take a look and see the raw data on how your lead generation efforts are performing. How many people opened that email? How many decision makers were identified? These are the kinds of things dashboard reporting can do for you.

Understand your data. Let’s be honest – some people just don’t do numbers. Dashboard reporting helps take all of your statistical information and breaks it down into clear, simple figures. Understanding your data are half the battle of shaping your lead generation practices for optimum use.

Use your data. Just like seeing what exercises help you lose the most weight, you can see which of your lead generation efforts have been the most successful. Now that you know what is working, you can tailor your lead generation practices to reach your target audience. Over time, you will be able to grow your business by not wasting time on methods that didn’t work for you — and more time focusing on what is working.

Lead generation is a time-consuming, but necessary, phase of the sales process. Abstrakt has developed and streamlines the lead generation process. Our proven Pipeline product offers a variety of services, including dashboard reporting that helps find, nurture and convert leads into sales! Contact us today to get started!