Using Social Media for Lead Generation

You’ve got 1,000 Facebook fans and a nice following on Twitter. Good for you. But what can you do with all these people? According to a recent post from the Social Media Examiner, you can turn them into leads.

Every day, hundreds or thousands of Internet surfers who take a peek at your blog or post on your wall can also be captured and turned into leads. How? You don’t want to turn your social media platforms or blog into blatant advertisements for your business— that’s a good way to lose followers. There has to be a more subtle way to go about it. We picked a few of our favorite tips from the Social Media Examiner to help you turn your social media platforms in lead generators.

  • Blog subscriptions. These days, everybody is all about the RSS feed, but that doesn’t help you any. You know nothing about people who subscribe to your blogs feed or even how to contact them. Instead, set up a blog subscription where you can email them – newsletters, blog updates and special deals. But remember, nobody wants to be spammed.
  • Call to action. So you just wrote a blog post worthy of a Pulitzer Prize, but, wait, you forgot one thing: the call to action. Did you just explain the difference between a 1040 and 1099 form and you’re an accountant? Sounds like a good opportunity for a shameless plug; include your contact information incase readers need some additional information or want to use your services.
  • Sell yourself, but not too much. We just told you to put in a call to action, but it’s important to not be too “in your face” with it. This isn’t an infomercial and the deal won’t end in 30 minutes, so don’t make people feel pressured into doing what you tell them. Just be casual!

Sick of your social media platforms sitting about idly? Luckily, your social media and blog can do a little something for you in the world of lead generation with just a bit of extra effort.