Two of a Kind: B2B and Social Media

At first glance, it may appear that social media marketing is far easier for B2C than it is for B2B marketers. But B2B companies are starting to find that client relationships are greatly enhanced with the use of social media. In fact, B2B purchasing decisions tend to be more complex and relationship driven, which would be a good fit for social media.

In a B2B sales cycle, businesses tend to consistently interact with potential customers in order to educate and close the prospect. Social media can be a go-to resource during this process. Through social media, you interact and nurture relationships, which can ultimately effect purchasing decisions. Additionally, a B2B marketing environment tends to garner less negative feedback from clients, making controlling social content that much easier.

It is no secret that there tends to be less content flowing through the virtual world about B2B companies than B2C companies. Since content is more limited, you have a greater chance of controlling your market and influencing an industry with social media than the competition that chooses not to invest in the platform. By taking full advantage of all that social media can bring to your business, simply showcasing recommendations and positive feedback from colleagues can generate goodwill—and sales.

Social selling is the kindest form of selling. It requires you to give away useful content, connect potential customers with experts inside your company and puts a higher value on relationships. Abstrakt Marketing Group uses social media to help our B2B clients build long lasting relationships and squash their competition.

Has your B2B company made the social media jump? If not, the time is now.

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