Top 7 Benefits of Appointment Setting: #1 Generating Opportunities, Not Leads

The truth is that many decision makers for both businesses and individual households are very busy.  Appointment setting is a great way for your sales department to have increased success. There are many benefits of appointment setting. We’ll be covering some of them over the next few weeks.

This week’s benefit is generating opportunities, not leads. By setting an appointment, you aren’t just generating a lead – you’re generating a genuine opportunity to make a sale. For example, when you first attempt to initiate a sale, the decision maker may not have the time to speak with you or isn’t there. By setting an appointment, you have the decision maker’s attention and it creates a wonderful opportunity for you to make a sale.

Generating opportunities is just one of the benefits of appointment setting. Stick around and look out for reason number two, increased conversation rates, in part two of our series next week.