Top 10 Reasons to Outsource Prospecting: #1 Cost

If you’re involved in the sales process, you understand how grueling and time consuming — as well as costly — it can be. For that reason and others, many sales departments choose to outsource the prospecting portion of their sales.

The sales process is complex and not necessarily easy for small- to medium-sized businesses to execute due to the costs involved. When you outsource your prospecting, you are saving your organization time and more importantly, financial resources. To effectively reach all the sales prospects in your market and follow-up with those potential leads, you’ll need a staff to execute it. This is where outsourcing makes the most sense.

For example, as a client at Abstrakt you gain a full team of individuals for less than the cost of one full-time employee. Think about it: not only would you have to pay for the time of your employees making the calls, but you would also have to account for office essentials such as computers and phones, and other benefits like in-house training. Even worse, watch your budget go down the drain if the individual leaves the company. Outsourcing your prospecting alleviates those costs, leaving room in your budget to tackle other areas in your organization that require attention.

The cost is just one of the 10 reasons businesses around the country are outsourcing their prospecting to companies like ours. Stay tuned and explore reason number two, productivity, in the next part of our series – to come out next week.