The Power of a Power Hour

Do you ever sit back in your chair at work, look at the time and think, “Where the hell did today go?” Don’t worry, we’ve all had it happen – probably more than we care to think about. When you consider how much time it takes to do your regular daily tasks (on top of everything you get thrown onto your desk last minute), it’s surprising we ever get anything done on time. Taking that into consideration, we’ve committed our sales staff to a daily task they can’t put off – power hour.

Our sales teams use daily power hours to focus their attention and sales efforts on appointment setting. This means no pitches, random meetings or mental breaks for the entire hour. How do we keep them motivated? Why with contests, of course! The teams have two power hours a day, in the morning and afternoon. The sales member with the most appointments in their power hour wins. You’d think that the prizes alone would be enough to pump up the team but honestly they aren’t even needed – bragging rights is usually prize enough. As we all know, sales teams tend to be a tad competitive.

It’s easy to get sidetracked throughout your day. Often “multi-tasking” just winds up taking more time than dedicating your attention to a single task. We’ve seen the power of the power hour, it works and we’ll be keeping it around. So tell us: how do you keep your sales teams on track? Have you considered the concept of a power hour?