The Ideas We Live By


We at Abstrakt have a very specific and meaningful mission statement, and it means a lot to each and every employee within the company. It is something that we can really relate to and expand and apply to our everyday lives as well. The core values of our mission are:

Grow in our lives– We want to grow as people. We want to enrich our lives and add more meaning to what we do. We want to have fun and really enjoy all life has to offer.

Grow in our friendships and partnerships– Together we are more. We believe the outcome can be greater than the sum of all of its parts. The fellowship and camaraderie that we develop between our coworkers and also with our clients is like none other.

Grow in our faith and intellect- Knowledge is power. The more we know and the better we understand what we do, the better we can service our clients. The more we believe in the process, the better the work will be that we create.

Grow in our technologies and strategies– We want the best for our clients. In order to produce the best, we must stay current in the ever-changing technology environment. We have to keep consistent with our ideas while we figure out new ways to reach our goals.

Grow in our processes and efficiencies– We must always work to become more efficient. We want to get where we need to be in the best way possible. We want to produce the best results for the people we work with. If a process is outdated or there is a new way of doing things, we must update and stay current.

Grow in our creativity and ideas– We must always be developing ourselves and our thought processes. If we can develop new ways of thinking and begin to develop ideas that can revolutionize what we do, we can begin to provide more than we ever thought possible.

Grow in our experiences and professionalism– The more we live through, the better perspective we can bring to the table. If we have more experience in a certain situation, we can shed more light on it and know exactly how to conquer the challenge.

Grow within our customers’ business and thus our own– Our objective is to help your business grow. This, in turn, will help us grow as well. Together we can grow each other.

There are two common words in all those points: “grow” and “our.” Here at Abstrakt, we are all about growth.  We want to keep getting bigger and we want the same for you. As we have stated, we want to grow in more ways than just business. We want the same for you. As for the word “our,” we are all a team. Together we can achieve more, and together we will.