The Benefit of Using Our Customer Portal

Portal_ComputerMockupOver the last year we have spent countless hours of research and manpower developing a customized Customer Portal for our Pipeline clients. We are a customer-centric business, so it only made sense to launch this tool, which effectively communicates client-related activity in a real-time interface.

Through the use of our Customer Portal, clients are able to access any and all information related to their Pipeline account. From completed survey reports that are filled out in the data collection phase of our Pipeline process to listening to their latest appointment calls, the information is readily available. Abstrakt’s Customer Portal lets clients access valuable insight to their account, ensure their brand messaging is being delivered to the best of our ability and submit feedback to their account managers.

“Why don’t all companies have a customer portal?” Many businesses think that their customers won’t use a portal if it is offered to them, but we haven’t found that to be true. In fact, we have found that the clients who engage in our portal regularly have the strongest and most successful accounts. So now the question must be asked, “Have you logged into your portal today?”