The B2B Marketing Opportunity


This may sound very simple and obvious, but companies need clients. They are a necessity to stay in business. You must keep the ones you currently have, but also be constantly on the lookout for new ones. A business must never be complacent with where they are at. That will mark the beginning of the end. With that being said, some companies are not doing all they can to grow their business.

A recent study found that only 16% of North American B2B companies are using marketing automation technologies. Marketing automation tools can be huge assets to a company, especially a growing one. Rather than repeating those monotonous tasks over and over again, you could have a program do it for you. The lowest use of marketing automation is within the healthcare industry, where a meager 2% of the market is tapped into some form of automation. The biggest opportunity though happens to be within the manufacturing industry.  Companies that are not known to be very tech-savvy could benefit greatly from some sort of marketing help.

When there is an opportunity to grow, a business should go for it. Here at Abstrakt, we offer just what you need. We offer a service called Pipeline, which can be an amazing tool for a business to business company. We begin by generating leads for your company, and we then work with them through the whole nurturing process. We introduce them to your company and what you offer; we stay in continual contact, all while nurturing them until finally we set the appointment. We are here to work for you. Your success is our success. Check us out here.