Taking On Common B2B Sales Objections

Any salesperson will tell you that there will always be someone out there who will object to the product or service you are offering. So what do you do if you get a no? Here are some common objections to a sale and ways to positively approach the situation.

  • Authority. Many of the consumers or businesses you’re selling to have some sort of a third-party authority that they answer to – a boss, co-worker, spouse, etc. The person you’re speaking with may be willing to buy, but might be concerned with their authority’s opinion. Be sure to validate their concerns. While it may not seem like much, building this relationship will help in the long run. Dig deeper and find out what the concerns of the third party are and address these concerns before you speaking with them. If all goes well, you’ll get a chance to speak with this third party and potentially close a sale.
  • Budget. Get to the root of the issues. Discover if it just the sticker price of your product that puts them off, or if they just don’t see the value in it. Explain to them the benefits of your product or service and how much it could potentially save them long term. Emphasize the quality of your product or service and how it differs from anything else in the market. If they ask for a discount, don’t give one immediately – gauge how much of discount it would require for them to buy
  • Timeframe. A consumer may talk about how it is not the right time for the product. (“Call back in (       ) and we’ll maybe be ready to buy then.”) Find out more about how far off the potential purchase is. If it is close, remind them how purchasing now makes more sense because of the benefits it offers them now. If it is down the road, refer back to the “authority” and be sure to address the concerns of the decision maker.
  • Need. Consumers may claim they don’t need what you’re offering. Find out if it’s the entire product they aren’t satisfied with, or they are only interested in one part of the package. If the person or business’ needs aren’t something that can be addressed by the product and they legitimately don’t need it, don’t be afraid to move on to the next consumer – no hurt feelings; if they do need it, be sure to reemphasize the product or service’s benefits.

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