Takin’ Care of Business

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a big football fan. But fold some paper into something that vaguely resembles a football while football movies play in the background? Then I’m a sucker.

To celebrate the beginning of college football/NFL/fall/Friday, Abstrakt Marketing Group created “Back to Football Friday,” where we wore our team colors, ate football-y cupcakes (thanks, Melanie), watched football-themed movies and played a rousing tournament of paper football. We even had a resident troll that decided to wear the wrong team shirt (because there is a right and a wrong to this thing).

You might be surprised to hear that there are actual rules for paper football (which I am still not entirely sure about myself). Much like real football, you aren’t able to flick the ball off the table top or purposely blind your opponent with the sharp tip of a paper football.

The day was capped off by Drink Cart Friday (Tailgate Style), where everybody enjoyed a beverage of their choice while consuming typical tailgate foods. Like deep fried things. All in all, we were TGIF’in that it was Friday.

And nobody lost an eye.