Stop Waiting on the Green Light, You’ve Already Got It

Do you want to move into a leadership position within your organization but hold yourself back because you haven’t gotten the green light from your superiors? I hate to break it to you but you’ve probably already been given the go-ahead.

Many people are hesitant to take initiative for the fear of stepping out of line or on the toes of their coworkers. We’ve all been in meetings where certain individuals speak up while others blatantly hold back. It’s almost as if the ones not speaking are waiting for permission to do so. The reality is, each individual was given that permission when they received the meeting invite. Unless told otherwise, speak up and play your part. Not leading or actively participating cheats everyone involved in the conversation.

First and foremost, you’re setting yourself up to be a disappointment to the superior members of the organization that wanted your contribution. If they had no interest in your opinion, they wouldn’t have invited you to provide it. Your lack of participation also impacts the group as a whole. Whether your ideas are accepted or denied, they are still beneficial to the conversation. Beyond all else, failing to participate within your organization prevents you from advancing professionally. Confidence doesn’t always come easy, but taking advantage of the opportunities presented to you will help your confidence improve over time. If you’re still waiting on the green light, go ahead, because chances are, you’ve already got it.