What’s the Attraction of a Sell Sheet?


Have you been looking for a simple and easy way to convey what your company is all about? Have you considered utilizing sell sheets? These are just simple outlines of your company and how they can help particular customers.

Sell sheets often contain information about the company and what they do, while giving a little bit of information about some key products and people within the organization. On the other hand, a sell sheet could also be developed for a specific product. If your company has an exclusive product that is not offered anywhere else, a sell sheet could be created in order to introduce people to what that product is and how it works. It will be broken down much simpler with statistics and other information that will help to get the point across. Aside from working as a quick introduction to a new product, sell sheets also act as a “leave-behind” piece of information following a meeting.

Abstrakt offers a package of sell sheets for businesses who want to introduce themselves and their products in a simple and easy way.  The sell sheet package that we offer includes 2 sell sheets. We will adjust the layout to be very appealing to the eye. We will add in graphic designs created by our artists that are sure to catch the attention of all viewers. Finally, the package will also include copywriting. These sell sheets will be able to deliver a clear and concise message with a call to action to all your potential customers.   Come check out some of the sell sheets we have created for others and find out what we can do for you.