Since When Is Old School a Bad Thing?

old schoolAs we listened in on a sales call the other day, we overheard one of our sales reps referring to our business growth process as “old school”. These days, the term old school often comes with a negative connotation, assuming that a business is behind the times or lacking in some way or another. But since when is being old school a bad thing?

If the practice of actually listening to our customers instead of talking at them is old school, then we are. If sending handwritten thank you cards is old school, then we are. If going the extra mile for our clients despite what’s outlined in their contract is old school, then we definitely are. However, if you asked our clients what they think about our “old school” business practices, you certainly wouldn’t hear any complaints. As business evolves and owners make moves to improve efficiency and drive revenue corners will undoubtedly be cut. Thankfully, our “old school” business growth process allows for those changes without altering the principles that make up our foundation.

Old school and new school practices can come to live together in harmony. In fact, we see it work successfully every day in our office. It’s when you feel as if you must choose between the two that you truly miss out. So how do we feel about being called old school? We wear the badge with pride and we know our clients would agree. What old school methods does your business refuse to give up? Let us know below.