Simple Steps That Will Ensure You Get the Most Out of Your Next Conference

This week, as we receive constant updates from our executives attending the annual Dreamforce conference in San Francisco, we thought – what a better time to discuss the simple ways to ensure you’re getting the most out of your conference experience.  Many people think that signing up for a conference and simply attending is enough, but they’d be wrong. In reality, most people who attend conferences aren’t getting as much out of them as they could be. With that being said, let’s look at the simple steps that will ensure you’re maximizing your experience:

Carefully plan your time. Poor time management is a rookie mistake made by many conference attendees. You have a limited amount of time at your disposal and there will undoubtedly be more breakout sessions and meetings scheduled than are humanly possible to attend.  Pre-planning is everything. Before you ever leave for the conference, build out your schedule. You’ll have to cut some events from your calendar because they just won’t fit. Walking into the conference with a predetermined schedule will ensure you are spending your time wisely.

Take great notes. You are about to be presented with a year’s worth of information in a matter of days. No one, and we mean no one, could remember every detail of that much information. So do yourself a favor and take pristine notes in the sessions that will most greatly impact you. You may have to channel that inner nerd you haven’t seen since college, but trust us, you’ll be very happy you did when you return home with gobs of information.

Go all in. Conferences are the last place you want to sport that “I know it all” personality. To truly get the most out of your experience you have to be open-minded. Walk in to the event ready to give it all you have. Listen now, analyze later. Submerge yourself in the culture and absorb everything you’re presented with.

Look at your next conference as something more than a day off work, the valuable information you could take away from it could be just the thing you needed to take your career to the next level. These are valuable experiences, treasure them.