Shocking Report: There’s No Secret to Great Content Marketing

shocked-faceDespite what some may have you believe, there’s no secret to mastering content marketing! If I have to read one more blog promising me the answers to great content marketing, I might scream. Having been in this field for several years now I can tell you, without a fraction of doubt, that there is no magical answer. There are in fact however, two very reliable and obvious actions you can take to ensure you are “doing it right”.

One. Put in the time and effort it takes to “create great content.” If you think you’re going to write an article that will blow your visitors socks off in a measly five minutes without any prior research or takeaway message, you might as well forget it. Nobody succeeds by “winging it” day in and day out. To become a reliable resource, you actually have to be one. If this isn’t a course you’re willing to take then my advice would be to opt for option two (see below).

Two. Hire a creative, educated personality to write the content for you. Speaking from experience, this works. How do we know that? Well, there’s a large chunk of our agency staff who would be out of jobs if it didn’t. Many companies (probably much like yours) don’t have the time or resources for content marketing. Honestly, even if they do, they may just not want to. Essentially your content producers should be individuals who both, like to write and can write well. This isn’t a trait that every employee possesses, and even if yours do, you may not have time to manage them. If that’s the case, outsourcing is an additional option.

And with that, we have condensed, simplified and exhausted the topic of “great content marketing.” It’s not rocket science, but it does take time and resources if you want to be effective. Come back soon for more inside looks at every day marketing mysteries.