Several Simple Ways to Generate Leads on Twitter

By this point in the game, your B2B organization has already committed to actively participating in the socialsphere and taken your place in the Twitterverse. So now you may be wondering, what should I be doing out here and how can this help my business? First things first, congratulations on taking the first step – now it’s time to really engage and put Twitter to work for you.

Simply setting up a profile and tossing a post or two out every other month isn’t going to cut it for you. Here are a few simple ways you can use your Twitter account to benefit your business in a hurry:

  • Converse with connections. If you’ve recently met potential prospects at an industry event or networking function, strike up a conversation with them via Twitter. This is a simple way to remind people of your company and could lead to increased conversations in the future.
  • Connect to create warm leads. Twitter is a fairly noninvasive place to connect with potential prospects. Use the site to follow businesses and professionals who you think could benefit from your business. You don’t want to use Twitter to pitch or sell, but to have a conversation with those potential prospects.
  • Tweet for traffic. Twitter is one of the best resources for content. Be it industry news, blog posts, events, etc. you can find it here. With that, it only makes sense to utilize this site as an outlet to drive traffic to your website. Create a following and share your stories. You want as many channels connected to your site as possible, and Twitter tends to drive a large amount of traffic.

Twitter isn’t going to replace your current prospecting efforts, but it will certainly be a valuable aid in the process. If you’re active on Twitter and not yet using it for prospecting, you’re missing out on a valuable resource – so take the time and start generating those leads!