Setting Yourself Up for Success: Appointment Setting

“Oh, how I just love appointment setting,” said no salesperson ever. The truth is, appointment setting is historically one of the most difficult aspects of the business development process, which also makes it one of the most detested activities among sales teams.

Unfortunately, no matter how difficult or unfavored the activity of appointment setting is among your sales team, it’s the initial process that leads to every sale. All new customers begin as prospects, and those prospects are most often introduced to your business in the appointment setting stages of the sales process. Integrating appointment setting activities into your sales team’s daily to-do list, truly making a part of their sales process, will make it easier for them to accomplish their monthly goals.

To make appointment setting more “appealing” to your sales team, suggest that they plan their call just as they would when they pitch a potential customer. They should have the benefits of the company’s services lined out and ready to be used to intrigue their prospects into setting an appointment. Remind your team that during this stage of the sales process, objections are more prevalent than in any other stage. But also remind them to persevere, as it often takes several attempts to achieve a “yes”.

If your sales team has little to no interest in the appointment setting process, outsourcing is an ideal option. Our teams of Partner Sales Representatives connect our clients with their ideal prospective customers. We then use that information to reach out to hundreds of prospective clients per month, and set appointments for your sales team to meet with the most qualified prospects. As our clients will tell you, outsourced prospecting lets your sales team focus their energy on what they do best: closing new business. At the end of the day, whether you attempt to appointment set internally or you contact our team to assist you in those efforts, it is a piece of your sales process that deserves extensive attention.