Recycling: It Goes Beyond Just Paper Waste

If your company is one that recycles paper material in your office, that’s great: you are officially on board with the “go green” imitative taking over many companies across the nation. Unfortunately, though, there is always more that we can do to improve our workplace and its environmental impact. So what am I talking about exactly? Specifically I want to look into the importance of recycling electronics in the workplace.

I’d say that in the average office, you could find unused PCs, telephones or other consumer electronics that are merely taking up space. These are items that you know you no longer need, but they remain sitting around “just in case” they can be of use one day. Aside from my fear of hoarders, I can give you some great reasons why it’s time to say goodbye to these old devices.

By recycling electronics your company is:

Helping conserve natural resources. When your company recycles electronics, parts can be recovered from those devices to create a new product, in turn reducing the need to create new products from raw materials.

Creating jobs locally. The demand for electronics recycling is continuing to grow as technology advances year after year. As long as the demand for services stays steady, recycling companies will need to increase staff in their facilities – growing and supporting the local economy.

Supporting the community. When you’re talking about goodwill, supporting the community is certainly a positive. Old electronics that are no longer up to par for your business can be used in local schools and nonprofits. You are helping organizations access technology that they would otherwise not be able to afford.

The last thing I’m trying to do here is guilt anyone into hopping on the “go green” bandwagon, with that said recycling is a growing industry and there aren’t many reasons not to recycle. As government regulations stay strong on preserving our resources, it may be a good idea to know your recycling options.

We know the importance recycling plays in the environment and the economy and we want to help grow your recycling business. To learn more about our lead generation and marketing services, contact us at Abstrakt Marketing Group.