Recapping the Week [4.28.14- 5.2.14]

Kindergarten Taught You to Share!

One hundred million is quite a lot of anything, but one hundred million people potentially visiting your business’s site?  Talk about a huge return on investment.  They say roughly one hundred million users watch online videos each day!  With the popularity of video growing and growing, marketers should know this is an essential part of your communication. Read full post here. 

How Creating a Common Enemy Can Help Close Business

No matter the niche or market a company finds themselves in, they believe that there is a common enemy that is the reason they are not achieving the results they desire. A key way to build rapport with your audience is by establishing that your company and your audience are “in this together” against that common enemy. Read full post here. 

It’s Convention Season! Check Out These Twitter Tips for Salespeople

Be it conference, convention, reunion – whatever the case may be – odds are Twitter will have a hand in the fun. Before you even get to the convention you will want to do a couple of things: follow any clients or prospects that will be in attendance, look-up the hashtag for the convention (chances are these is one) and scope out any pre-convention activity already taking place in the Twitterverse. Read full post here.

Gaining Traffic with GIFsThere was a time, not long ago, where GIFs had no real use other than for a good laugh. Now, some still have that effect, but companies around the web have found effective ways to use them in their marketing. They’re adorable, cool and entertaining, but does that mean they should be used in  your marketing? Why not!? Read full post here.