Perfecting the Sell


The human brain is a fascinating machine. It is very complicated and has yet to really be fully understood. It can be a huge asset when used to its full potential. It can also be a huge opportunity when it comes to selling. If you know how a person will react and how to reach someone, then you can really form a connection and make a sale. Here are a few psychological tips that you should remember when selling your product:

Emotion is everything- Most people make their decisions based upon how they feel. Drawing a picture in someone’s head about how they could use your product can go a long way. If you can show them and make them understand the feeling they would get from your product, it will allow them to fall in love with what you’re offering. Decisions are made emotionally first, then the person will find the facts to justify the outcome. Appeal to their emotions and then give them facts that will make them feel comfortable with their decision.

Keep the focus on them- Everyone loves to talk and hear about themselves. They want to know how your product will help them. If you can keep the focus on them and how they are feeling, they will love to keep talking to you. The longer you keep the interest, the better chance you have of making the sale.

Convey the value- Show them the possibilities. People are always looking to fill a need they have. Show them the need and they will see the value in what you offer. People love to buy new products and try new things.  Everyone wants to be the first with a brand new product. Appeal to their desires.

People are always going to be suspicious- They always wonder if an opportunity is too good to be true. Prove to them that it is as good as you say it is.

The majority of people are followers- People will do what others have done. They want to stay with the trend and fit in. Show how your product has helped others and people will begin to feel like they are missing out. This will cause a desire to want to not be left out.

These are just a few key things to remember when you are trying to sell your product. People can be won over because of how the human brain works. Use that to your advantage to make a connection. Here at Abstrakt, we help make meaningful connections for companies every day. Come see how we can help you find the people you are looking for.