Perfecting the Close

Closing a sale can be the most difficult steps to accomplish in the sales process. No matter what issues come up – be it a complication on your end, your client keeps making excuses, the time is not right, or whatever the issue may be, you must finish the sale. There are a few key steps that you can follow that greatly increase your chances of closing the deal.

Have the contract ready to go. After the acceptance, get in the contract. Many things can change between the time they say yes and the time the contract is signed. You must minimize the window that you give the client to go back on their verbal agreement.

Put a timetable on the deal. Let them know that the deal will not be there forever. Give them some incentive to sign the deal now. Offer some sort of benefit that you know the prospect will not be able to refuse. A prospect may begin to feel pressure if they know that another prospect of yours may take the deal before them. Everyone wants to get the best possible deal, so explain to them that it can only go to one person and there are multiple others who have shown interest. This will speed the prospect up into a closed deal.

Be knowledgeable. Nobody wants to buy something from someone that doesn’t know what they are talking about. Before even thinking about closing the deal, you have to be an expert on what you offer. This includes any possible changes in the future. The prospect will always have questions. You need to be ready for each and every one they ask. On top of being knowledgeable on what you have now, you must also have an idea on possible updates and upgrades on what you will offer in the future.

Accept that not prospects are a fit. Not all of your deals will close. Sometimes the prospect just isn’t the right fit for your company and vise versa. The key is to never let this get you down.

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