Painting Your Bottom Line Black with Lead Gen

New or recurring business leads are the backbone that keeps all business alive. Over the past few years, we’ve found this to be particularly true for the commercial painting business.  In commercial painting, the competition is fierce and painters are constantly in a tug of war with their competition to provide bids that are low enough to retain and attain business without devaluing their work.

In general, painters and heads of painting companies tend to be extremely busy. It is seemingly impossible to take extra time out of the week to dedicate towards finding leads or developing a lead generation plan. We’ve developed a lead generation strategy that has proven successful for commercial painters across the nation. Our strategy keeps your commercial painting business top of mind for not only potential customers, but previous customers as well. Word of mouth marketing may have worked for your business in the past and it may still be working for your business now, but by combining these efforts with a solid lead generation strategy, you can take your business to the next level.

Current client Bazan Painting has experienced continuous success with our lead generation strategy. Bazan Painting president Walter Bazan, Jr. explores the lead generation process in this short video.

In such a competitive industry like commercial painting, time and resources are precious.   Our professionals will develop an effective strategy for your business to maximize both.