Nurturing Your Future


One of the most important steps in generating a useful lead is nurturing. A potential client must become comfortable with your business. You must help them to fully understand what it is your company does and how you can help them. If they can see the big picture, there is a much better chance that the deal gets closed.

Sometimes leads may just fall by the wayside. You may become too busy and not have enough time to contact the lead. Sometimes you just may get bogged down with all of your other work. This has to be avoided. Identifying a contact is only the first step in generating a meaningful lead. Once you have made contact, you must nurture that lead until it comes to fruition. Making contact once and hoping they decide to do business with you will never work. An intermittent burst of information can work wonders in persuading a potential client.

Here at Abstrakt, our nurturing phase has worked wonders in attracting numerous businesses into appointments with our clients.  We begin by giving the prospect a brief marketing asset to give them a general idea about the business. We then follow up with phone calls in order to make sure that the idea of the asset was fully understood. We then send another marketing asset in order as a reminder and to continually build the business’s knowledge of the client. We then follow this asset up with some phone calls in order to make sure the message was conveyed clear enough. We continue this process a few more times until we are sure that they fully understand what the business does and how they can help them. This is the biggest selling point we can tell you. If a company knows exactly how you can help them and you can paint a picture of the future with you in it, the sale will happen.