Not-so-Secret Tips to Appointment Setting

Joined in businessWe’ve all been called by a salesperson trying to get us to upgrade, switch services, etc.  Have you ever taken the time to hear what they have to say?  Appointment setting takes time and a lot of effort to ensure qualified leads.  Abstrakt can help secure those leads and appointment, but here are some tips if you’re trying to do it yourself!

  1. First and foremost, you’re there to HELP the customer.  Most businesses get a lot of sales calls, and are probably in defensive mode before receiving them.  Be sure to put service first, and explain the benefits clearly on how YOU can help THEM.
  2. You don’t NEED this dial.  Once the prospect hears a fear in your voice, they will pull back.  Approach every call with an “if you don’t buy from me, it’s not the end of the world” attitude.
  3. Welcome “no’s” and avoid “maybe’s.”  In sales, a “no” isn’t the worst answer.  With a “no” you can figure out why they’re hesitating, and what they’re wanting from your product or service.  From here, you can turn the pitch around, and grab that sale.
  4. Be short, sweet, and to the bottom line.  Use an example of how a client in the same industry benefitted from your services, and how they can as well.
  5. Sell the meeting, not the product or service.  At this point, you’re trying to get your foot in the door.  Once you’re in, you can prefect your product pitch and go for it.  Take it one step at a time.

Remember to be flexible at the entry point of sale.  Once you get that appointment, then you can move on to the next step.  At this point, you’re a “solution provider” not just a “sales person.”  Do your homework, and make sure you have a solution to their problem before trying to set the appointment.