Network, Network, Network!

“Networking is an essential part of building wealth.”–Armstrong Williams

Most people attend networking events to either pitch their own business or look for potential job leads. The purpose: to pass out as many business cards as possible, in hopes someone will actually call you back. This can be an effective way to make connections, but why put the ball in someone else’s court?

Instead of trying to pass out business cards, why not try and collect them? Engage in brief, but informative conversations about their business and the services they provide. Once the conversation begins to wind down, ask for their card and move on down the line. Follow the same procedure for the remainder of the night.

Once you have collected your fair share of cards, start to think which prospects have the most potential. The next day, have your top 20 lined up and begin making your follow up phone calls. Now the power is in your hands. No more sitting around waiting for the phone to ring. If you really want these prospects to turn to into sales, you have to do it yourself.

The conversation should be very casual. Here is a quick example:

“Hi Sonny, this is Richard Tubbs. We chatted last night at Tony Amato’s Christmas party. Listen, I really enjoyed our conversation and was wondering if you would like to grab a cup of coffee and discuss working together further?”

We cannot emphasize the follow up phone call enough. If they are made in a timely manner, you will see your prospects turn into… sales!