Managed Service Providers: Are you marketing the right message?

When it comes to marketing, there is certainly a process. But when it comes to marketing for a managed service provider (MSP), that process becomes much more specific. MSP marketing is unlike traditional product-based marketing in the fact that many clients are less concerned with the software used to complete their job and more concerned with their services. To achieve maximum results, MSPs must market the right message to their selected targets. The outsourcing services that an MSP provides will save businesses a significant part their budgets in the long run.

A marketing message that explains the benefits that your service will provide to customers and the time that those services can save their company is vital to closing business. Secondly, remember that your marketing plan should position your company as the expert. Providing regular information that supports this stance, such as whitepapers and newsletters, will help potential customers visualize success they can have partnering with your company.

As many businesses turn to MSPs to solve their IT needs, many turn to our team to fulfill their marketing needs. We have a team of copywriters on staff that writes exclusively for our engagement process, which in turn, ensures the proper message is being sent to all of your potential customers. To improve your marketing message and get the most out of your marketing efforts, contact our team at Abstrakt Marketing Group.