How You Manage Expectations will Make or Break Your Business Relationships

adviceTo be a successful business, there are a lot of things you must do right: provide a great service, have competitive pricing and maintain an effective staff are several items that fill the list. But even when you do all of that right, you may fail if you don’t know how to properly manage client expectations.

We’ve all seen it before—it doesn’t take long after a client comes on board until they start to expect the world. The salesperson on their account promised them everything under the sun and that’s exactly what they expect. To nobody’s surprise, that client leaves a short time after signing on. This, however, is easily avoidable. All of those wonderful things the salesperson promised the client are indeed possible, but it is how they set the client’s expectations that makes all the difference.

How should you go about setting those expectations? I’m glad you asked! Here are some starters:

Set a schedule. To avoid a huge headache later, let your client know how long they should expect it to take to see results with your service. If you forget, it will be expected that they will see results immediately, which is not often the case.

Describe the service in detail. When clients sign up for a specific service, it’s a good idea to review that service in detail. This way your client has a complete understanding of what your business is providing them, as well as what you are not.

Set reasonable expectations. We all want to give our clients the best possible service, but the best service doesn’t always mean the quickest service. It’s better to set reasonable expectations and exceed them than unreasonable expectations and not meet them.

Do your professional relationships a favor and learn to manage expectations. Everyone involved will thank you for it!