Linking LinkedIn With Lead Gen

 Perhaps LinkedIn isn’t the catalyst to all of your incoming business, but there is no reason to believe it’s ineffective.

Joining groups and interacting within those group circles is one of many LinkedIn ways to generate leads. It serves no point to join a group and not interact or never revisit that group page again. When you are sure of whom your company’s target market or audience is, conduct some preliminary research by listening and join the groups your target market is in. At the free level on LinkedIn, you can join up to 50 groups, offering plenty of opportunity to network with peers.

Once you’ve joined a group, make room for yourself to become an authority figure. In other words, be an industry thought leader, facilitator and primary resource for other group members by asking questions and interacting. Eventually, after you’ve initiated conversation and established a few relationships, start up your own group and bring those members along with you to start a core team.

Next to active participation, an “expert” on LinkedIn isn’t easily attained. In a nutshell, it refers to offering the best answers via the Q&A forums. Unfortunately, you can’t just self-identify as an expert. Six days after any question is posted, the person who posted it can indicate which is the best answer. If your answer is selected, you earn “expert” points. So it helps to answer more and more questions all while making them high quality.

In terms of lead generation, it’s important to consider more than just answering a question. But, how can you convert your question/answer into a potential lead? It takes a little strategy within your writing to establish a balance between being business-aggressive and overly sales-ey. Perhaps conclude your carefully well-thought out answer with something along the lines of: “Would you be willing to have a brief conversation so I can better assist you and more thoroughly answer your question?”

Lead generation has great potential. When LinkedIn is teamed with a social media strategy, one strengthens their possibilities.

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