Lights, camera and a call to action: Effective CTAs generate leads

Whether your marketing strategy is focused on building brand awareness or gathering leads, one thing is for certain: you need an attractive call to action. The purpose is simple; each call to action should entice a potential customer to visit your website, social media site or place of business. Regardless of the type of medium, (a billboard, direct mail or social media icons on your website) a strong call to action is essential.

Some of the most common places people forget to add call to actions are:

  • Blogs
  • Email marketing and lead-nurturing messages
  • Within Tweets and on Twitter backgrounds
  • LinkedIn company pages and in LinkedIn answers
  • On each page of a website
  • Presentations
  • Email signatures
  • Videos
  • Online advertisements

When a call to action is used appropriately, they have the potential to generate true measurable return on investment, which is almost always the bottom line. Looking for a few tips to create an effective call to action? See what Abstrakt has to say:

  • Create urgency
  • Indicate the specific action
  • Use images!
  • Make the call to action clickable and link the viewer where you want them to go
  • Use color and contrasts to make the call to action stand out
  • Pay attention to where the call to action is. It does not have to be in the post itself. It can be in the sidebar, the header or in the caption under an image
  • Test it until you have it perfected  for your target market

If your company is struggling to get your message out to the right target audience, you may be in need of our expertise! So, let us leave you with this call to action: For social media, lead generation or advertising services, think Abstrakt Marketing Group